our 200 sq ft live/work space

We recently had some photos taken by the incredible bellingham local photographer, Jessie Bennett (you can find her here.) and she captured our tiny space so perfectly. It was really refreshing to see the home we worked so meticulously on through her eyes.

Without further ado, here is the official photographic tour of our tiny home! I will post another update later down the road as we finish certain projects, but wanted to commemorate this moment in time as everything is.

First up, our living room/dining room/kitchen/studio space! AKA, the front half of the bus.


Of all the lovely photos Jessie took, this was my favorite. all the light flooding in, the pops of color, all really sums up the feel of this space. Here you can see the front of the bus, where we removed the driver’s seat to have room for a highchair. I love how much light we get from the front windshield.


If you’re not rainbow-color-coordinating your books, what are you even doing with your life? Also, spot the Frida. #obsessed


We don’t have nearly as many houseplants as I would like, but it’s still a work in progress. Here you can see our chalkboard, and the left side of our kitchen with a FULL SIZED STOVE y’all.


Open shelving was something I wanted to incorporate, since we have so many dishes that I love. All the bowls, cups, and silverware you see here are all the ones we own, and it’s actually been a huge relief to not have to (hand) wash as many dishes. Plus, we only kept the pretty ones.


On the right side of the bus, across from the open shelving and stove we have our “couch” which we honestly built a little too shallow and a little too tall, but we have gotten used to perching up on it. We had the cushions custom made by a woman in town who was absolutely WONDERFUL to work with, The material is stain resistant which is SO SO SO important with a toddler. They have held up incredibly well and are super comfortable. The pillows, not so much. I figure we will eventually get new shams every so often but for now these work.


This little black stove has been keeping us quite cozy during this unexpectedly snowy Bellingham winter! I am thankful that even if the power goes out, we will be nice and warm. You can see our sink here, which we got from the ReStore (and a total SCORE at $20) and our faucet which is by Vigo, which you can find here. The stove is a cubic mini Grizzly, which you can find here. All our brass kitchen hardware we found on Etsy, from this shop.


Here is another view of the left side of the kitchen, and you can see where we keep our knives, as well as the nook under our table where we keep our cookbooks and kitchen towels. We got rid of our toaster and microwave and opted for a convection oven, which you can see above the fridge. It’s been a bit of a learning curve using it, but all in all I actually like it a lot better than the appliances we replaced.


This spot, to the left of the stove, is multifunctional. We use it as counter space, dining space, food prep, my desk, and everything else! It’s worked well, we just have to stay on top of messes and keep it cleared off. our countertops are from Ikea, and that little Sago Palm is from local plant shop, Baby Greens. Shout out to Trader Joe’s for the wine.


Next is O’s room. Her little sleeping quarters are to the right of the fridge, across from the wood burning stove. She stays quite warm and cozy in this little space, and we have plenty of room for her toys and clothes. She’s been doing surprisingly well adjusting to sleeping in this small space, and we simply close her curtains to give her a little space of her own when she’s asleep. We have since replaced these curtains with some blackout ones, which have been much better for both noise insulation and keeping light out during naps.


Across from O’s nook, we have our laundry room/closet. This area is one of the last unfinished parts of the bus, we still need to trim out certain parts of this area. Our closet might look tiny to some, but we haven’t had much trouble with the size. We got rid of everything that we didn’t love, things that didn’t fit, our “someday” clothes and other items that didn’t get enough use to justify keeping. Our dryer needs a belt replaced, and it hasn’t been high on the to-do list so we have been making weekly runs to the laundromat instead. I am hoping soon we can get these up and running!


Just past O’s nook/laundry/closet area is our bathroom. We have a FULL SIZED TUB (living large in a small space what whattttt) which is always a surprise to most! I love my baths, and olive has a blast in here. No regrets. All our matte black fixtures we found on amazon.


The bathroom ended up being one of my favorite spaces in our place, I’m obsessed with the black penny tile flooring, warm wood elements, vanity, and our all-white shower.


The round mirror is actually a Target mirror that we turned into a medicine cabinet. I love the extra storage it gives us. The pouch hanger to the left of the sink has also been a life-saver as far as storage is concerned. My goal was to have as little clutter as possible, so I wanted most things to be able to be stashed away but still easily accessible.

Our toilet is a SunMar composting toilet, and you don’t really wanna know all the details I am sure, but we have had some times with it.


These floors, SWOOOOON.


Our bedroom is at the very back of the bus, and has been such a sanctuary space. We have a huge window and lots of pillows and warm, soft lights. I love crawling into our little nook at the end of the day.


O really likes our space, too!


We’ve been adjusting, tweaking, and adjusting again in our new home. It’s far from perfect, but we made this place with our dreams and our blood sweat and tears (literally all of those). It’s been especially hard transitioning in the middle of winter, where we end up being cooped up inside for hours at a time during the day. I really believe that humans are capable of adjusting to anything though, and this is far from a hardship. We have a roof over our head, a warm place to call home, and most importantly we have each other.

Thanks for viewing our tiny home, I hope you enjoyed it!

xo, Quinn

PS- my husband was at work when Jessie came to photograph our space, in case you were wondering why he was missing from these shots!

>>Thanks again to Jessie Bennett for coming to take photos of our space, she was such a wonderful human to work with!